Silent Expectations

There have been some ‘speed bumps’ that have occurred in the last number of months with various relationships that intersect my life. What has transpired has allowed a memory to come crashing back of a time in my early fatherhood when I was quite frustrated with my family life, to the point that I engaged … Continue reading Silent Expectations

For a couple of years between 07 and 09 I had the great pleasure of having ‘go-get-’em’ guy on our pastoral team here at The Vineyard ( Rob Hall served as our Assistant Pastor and he was constantly pushing the envelope on things we could do, either as a ministry or with our monastery property. … Continue reading

God Needs Friends

I am beginning to think or believe (whatever you want to call it) that God is in need of friends just like any other human being is. God NEEDS friends?? Yep…I think so. Or let me put it another way: As his creation, he loves us, takes pride in us and has amazing dreams for … Continue reading God Needs Friends

The Lesson from Eli

For any who really know me, then you know that I am a contemplative at heart. What does that mean, you say? Well…as best as I can understand, I seem to connect best with God through the practice of quieting myself…being still…listening to him speak and then responding back to him. I would have to … Continue reading The Lesson from Eli