How To Become the Very Thing You Abhor

4 thoughts on “How To Become the Very Thing You Abhor”

  1. Interesting that 200 years ago Jesus came across this all the time too! Do we humans ever learn, that when we try to own and control something we make it into something else all together!

    The song “everyone needs a Saviour” comes to my mind…

    Good word listener Scott, and Holy Spirit. :)

  2. Responding to 2 Cor. 12:9 this morning, I wrote: With God, my weakness, being a lack of self-confidence, thus becomes a strength, for God’s power is made perfect in weakness. But then I want to use this God-given power to build myself up – to be recognized, valued and appreciated, feeding my “self” on God’s glory. Then I feel strong and forget I need God (until He graciously lets me be reminded of what I cannot do without Him). I guess it just another example of our bent-ness, and our need for a Saviour.

  3. So unfortunate yet so real. It always amazes me how God refocuses us by showing us His heart and gives us His eyes to see through. Two thumbs up to you Scott. :)

  4. It seems too much of what we take notice of ( all of us) is what is said in media and what people say about things we here secondhand – however I would think most Christlike acts never get any attention by the very fact they are Christlike acts —- Mother Teresa from what I understand only engaged the media for one purpose ( initially accidentally- they found here to make a story ) — to get money for what she believed in – she turned it around to benefit the less fortunate. The fact she became a celeb was probably the least of her desires – but she used it effectively on a human level..
    Good word Scott
    Heh Shelley means 2000 years ( not 200 ) I think, unless she rewriting history — that Shelley !

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