To Heck With It…I Choose To Be Thankful

That’s right…I’m making the decision today to choose to be thankful. I’m still grieving the loss of my nephew and the pain that my brother and his wife and two children find themselves in right now (hence for the late posting). But today I’m thankful…for the things that really matter. I’ve been reminded this week that life is fleeting, that nothing is for sure. I know that Scripture agrees with me cuz somewhere it speaks that we are like smoke…like flowers that last for a day and then – poof! they’re gone.  So here goes…

I’m thankful for growing up in good dysfunctional family. That means that even though it was dysfunctional, it was good. My family loves me and I love them. According to the family experts, my parents would fall short of the ‘perfect parents’…but that’s what makes them perfect.

I’m thankful for my own family that April and I have created. April has been a gift to me…and one not deserved either. We put up with a lot from each other, and yet we continue to love each other and do the best that we can. Again…not perfect…but that’s what makes it perfect.

I like my son, Zac. He’s goofy at times…and yet can be very thoughtful, a deep thinker and very serious about wanting to be real about life. He’ genuine and the real deal. While he can write awesomely and can do a vlog that keeps you wanting to come back for more… there are things he can’t do. He’s not into sports, nor does he have much interest in working on cars. So definitely not perfect…and that’s what makes him perfect. Oh yes…he is very adept on the guitar!

Allie, my middle daughter. What people don’t see about her is that she is a heat-seeking missile. What I mean is that she believes in herself more than others do. When she wants something, nothing stops her from getting it, even when others can prove that she won’t. And I can’t think of the times I was sure she couldn’t get something…she got it! Her husband Justin was the object of her heat-seeking capabilities. Today they have a cool apartment and are doing well in their marriage. There are things I will always wish for her…cuz she isn’t perfect…and yes, that makes her perfect.

And then there’s Autumn. Now there’s a homebody if I ever saw one. April and I are going to have to ‘stop cooking with cheese’ if she’s ever going to fly the coup. Autumn is a natural photogenic person…she looks awesome in just about any photo that is taken of her. For the rest of us…we have to work at it. Autumn will one day work in some field bringing hope to busted people…she will be a guiding light for them. She just needs little boosts from time to time to believe in herself…cuz she just isn’t perfect… You know what I’m going to say by now… which make her perfect.

I’m thankful for my kids and who they are, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. (Okay…maybe a couple of things…like introduce them to the vacuum cleaner).

I like my friends a lot…they accept me for who I am. It was only a few years ago that I prayed like a mad dog for some friends I could be real with. God heard my prayer. And yes…we get to vacation together for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow…what a blessing that is! They remind me a lot of Jesus…who loves me as I am…not as I should be.

And so these are the people who are important to me. How do I know? When the going gets tough…they are always there. And that is what makes a family a family. For that I’m thankful.

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