The Destroying Angel


The Destroying Angel mushroom

So listen to me, my sons, and pay attention to my words.

Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her.

Don’t wander down her wayward path.

For she has been the ruin of many; many men have been her victims.

Her house is the road to the grave. Her bedroom is the den of death.

Proverbs 7: 24-27

I know, these words are not really the cheery type.  But then since when are warning signs supposed to be cheery?  They are there to get your attention…NOW!  

This morning after our worship service I was having small-talk with a couple of guys, and we shifted into mushroom picking (of which I have zero knowledge of). Patrick mentioned about this one mushroom that will literally kill you if you eat it. It’s name is The Destroying Angel. The beauty of giving it a name such as that is there is absolutely nothing appealing about it. There is nothing in that name that would even tempt you to eat it. It’s name says, “I’m out to kill you.” And in fact, if you eat it, within five to twenty-four hours, it will have destroyed your liver and kidneys, and yes, your body!

It’s too bad that the name, immorality, didn’t have the same effect on us. In fact, the name is so innocuous that people just nonchalantly walk right into it. In the seventh chapter, Solomon zeros in on sexual immorality, but let’s not forget that we can find immorality in money and power, as well.

Immorality is seductive, plays on our insecurities, our weaknesses, and couldn’t give a rip about us afterwards. And so Solomon implores us to not just stay away, but to run from immorality, because much like The Destroying Angel mushroom, in the end it will kill you.

His advice is straightforward:


And like the Destroying Angel…in the end, it will kill you.

I suggest we rename immorality for what it is…The Destroying Angel!

Do not eat it…don’t even lick it!

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